A range of home loan refinancing & Investment products Competitive rates and flexible repayments fast approval process. We negotiate the best pricing available in the market due to our volume and relationships with banks and lenders.

Investing in property is an opportunity that could generate returns over time and play a considerable role in helping to grow your wealth.

Getting smarter mortgage advice to invest in property can provide firm, tax-friendly returns and security. A key to success, and reducing risk, is finding a suitable loan and having expert guidance. That’s where a Finance Bizz Adviser’s expertise can help.

Some of the situations we can help with

  • Individuals or Companies acting as Trustee are considered
  • Negative gearing benefits applied
  • Borrow up to 90% of the property value (available on some loans)
  • 90 day valid conditional approval
  • Interest only repayments available
  • Rental income considered for loan servicing