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Nothing provides more flexibility and convenience than getting away in your own caravan or RV as you hit the road and watch the world disappear in your rear vision mirrors.

Heeding the call to adventure? Nothing should stand between you and the open road – least of all issues with your financing. So, whether you’re looking for a personal loan or something secured for added peace of mind, we’ve got the fast and easy caravan finance solution for you. To get started, use our helpful loan calculator or get a quote today. We can also help you find the right insurance solution to protect your new asset.

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If you're buying or financing a caravan for the first time, or want a refresher on the key things to consider before you make that commitment, we've put together a caravan finance 101 guide to help you get started. Want to make sure you're getting a great deal? Compare our caravan loans against the big 4, you won't be disappointed!

Using a consumer loan to buy your caravan or campervan

If weekend trips to the mountains in your very own mobile getaway seem like an unattainable dream, then a consumer loan could be just what you’re looking for. Also known as a secured loan, this is a financial product that uses the caravan as security for the loan. For this reason, interest rates and repayments are often lower than other financing options.

How it works

With a consumer loan, your lender provides you with the cash to buy your new caravan or camper van. You take ownership of the caravan, but your lender will also take an interest in it. Once you make the final loan payment, they will then remove their interest making you the outright owner.

  • Pay your loan off over 12 to 84 months (one to seven years)
  • You may qualify for a balloon or residual payment, which will reduce monthly payments
  • Fixed interest rates mean you'll always know your repayments
  • Consumer loans can offer lower interest rates

Using a personal loan to buy your new caravan or campervan

A personal loan is a great way to get your hands on a new caravan or campervan without putting up any security against the loan. It’s a simple and easy method of financing that could help make those dreams of long weekend trips to the mountains a reality.

How it works

When you secure a personal loan, you have full control over the purchase of your caravan or campervan. Once you agree to the repayment terms, your lender will then put some money in your account, and you can go out and buy the camper of your dreams. The best thing however, is the fact that you take full ownership of the vehicle from the moment of purchase as the lender will not hold it as security for the loan.

  • Flexibility – you can pay your loan off over 12 to 84 months (one to seven years)
  • Fixed interest rates mean you'll always know your repayments

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