In the event of financing a Grader plus attachments, we request an invoice for the grader and then an invoice for the attachments from the respective suppliers. We put a finance approval in place for the full amount and then document as one contract or two –  i.e. one contract for the Grader and one for the attachments. The costs of the GPS Equipment could cost upward of $100K and we will document at the discretion of the client or their Accountant.

Our office has provided Heavy Equipment Finance and Leasing for the following makes of Graders :

 We have a Leasing Finance Calculator that will give you an idea on approximate weekly payments relating to any new Grader for sale or any used Grader for sale.

 In order to proceed towards a finance approval, you can either call one of our Finance Consultants on 0412 579 760 or complete our ONLINE PRE-APPROVAL page of our web site.